Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Freddie can't wait to go to summer camp. His mom tells him all about it, and he thinks it sounds like the bee's knees. He has started preparing now even though he has a few years to go until he is old enough. He calls his koolaid bug-juice and has started practicing tying knots to prepare to sail a boat. Anything resembling a string gets tied into a knot: cords, knitting yarn, Skippy's tail. He's not sure if he is using proper knot-tying form, but he carefully recites some jibberish about bunnies and trees and holes in the ground as he ties like all good sailors do. He can't untangle the knots when he is through, so he is fairly certain he is well on his way to earning some type of award.

Freddie was a special request from one friend to another who has a bun in the oven. Both friends went to my summer camp. The shirt he is wearing is one that my son wore, and it was handed down to him through another little future camper boy, so I think it is pretty special. Normally I don't re-purpose clothing into Pink Cheeks unless it is stiffer fabric like jeans. It's not very green of me, but I have tried and the results are usually disappointing. The shirt on Freddie works though. It's a knit and it stretches in a way that makes for a charming little muffin-top.

Joseph thinks Freddie looks a little crazy, but I think I captured the camp Eberhart spirit in him. Which is colorful, charming, and a little random. I miss that place. I get so nostalgic for it that my belly hurts sometimes. It was so nice to be in the woods with a bunch of friends. The days would stretch on and on for an eternity and we'd fill them with songs, rockets and choco-tacos.