Wednesday, December 1, 2010


At summer camp, Betsy created her own baseball team, the Yams. She named her team the Yams for 2 reasons:

1. Yam is an under-rated vegetable that can be candied.
2. Yam rhymes with all sorts of things (wam, bam, slam, cram) which makes rooting for the Yams a lot more convenient when inventing cheer lyrics.

Betsy's team will go far, she is certain of this. She works her team very hard. In the cafeteria, none of her team mates are allowed to eat cheesy puffs the old fashioned way. They are to promote team work by throwing them up really high into the sky and then the Yam that wants the cheesy puff the most is to call it loudly and then catch it with their mouth. If Betsy catches you eating a cheesy puff the old-fashioned way, she will for surely bench you.

Thanks to Stacie for this other special request! I hope the special Yam in your life enjoys her.

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small said...

Yams! That is a team I could get behind! Betsy is so cute!