Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two New Dolls and Butter

Nat spends Sunday mornings on a park bench with a bagful of granola. The granola is made for him by his neighbor, Lucille, who carefully measures out her ingredients never forgetting a teaspoon of love. Nat only eats pancakes for breakfast and has done so ever since his first pancake (shaped like an 'N' courtesy of his mother). He firmly believes that starting the day off with something warm and sugary will add sweetness to the rest of his day. He can't break Lucille's heart by turning down her granola, so he gives it to the birds. They appreciate that extra teaspoon of love.

Milly is independent. When she was very young she refused to let a grownups tie her shoes. It took her quite sometime to learn the appropriate knot, but before that she was resourceful and would use already-been-chewed gum to keep the laces together. She is so independent that she has never, not once, asked for a hug even though sometimes she desperately needs one. When she has a terrible, no-good day she will put on her softest, most cuddly bear-hoodie in hopes of exploiting it's softness in order to get a cuddle.

Man I love Walter, but sometimes it's very exciting when he's asleep and I can have some popcorn and red wine. Is there a wine that goes well with popcorn? Maybe it's not very sophisticated to have them together, but for me it is a special treat. Popcorn is great, but really I use it as a way of delivering butter to my mouth! Mmmmm. On the night of this photo, I asked Joseph to sketch up a lady-doll for me because I keep only sewing them in animal outfits. He thought about it and spent a long time sketching and when he showed the drawing to me it was of this ridiculous lady with pigtails and a severed doll head in her hand (he's always encouraged giving my dolls "accessories"---a category that would probably include severed doll heads). It made me laugh so hard, and though I don't think I'll be sewing any severed doll heads any time soon, it made me realize that it's okay to get my "weird" back on.

I am currently re-watching the Freaks and Geeks series and just wanted to mention it here in case there are a few of you that haven't seen it. I love that show. It is such a gem.


bozoette said...

Any wine goes well with popcorn. Popcorn is the universal food. It's true!

Nichol Brinkman said...

Thanks Bozoette! I needed that affirmation!

Susan said...

Freaks and Geeks rocks! Looking back at some of our favorite actors when they were kids is so much fun. John Francis Daley now plays Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones and Jasen Segal playing Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. It was such a great coming of age television show. Right up there with Wonder Years.

Uhhh, severed head doll. Right in time for Halloween. You never know...go for it.

Small said...

I think Joseph might be on to something!