Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Leo is on a mission to become the Jane Goodall of meerkats. He knows they are not native to America, but he is sure there are some really clever ones out there capable of air travel and ready for a non-desert climate. Also, his mom told him once that most things in life are possible, so he's pretty sure he'll find some. Leo wears his furry animal suit to blend in to the meerkat culture, but he never forgets to also wear his tie so that if he runs into any people on his expedition, they will know that he is doing serious business and not just playing around. Leo earned his animal tracking badge at camp last summer and so far he has tracked several squirrels and a few domesticated dogs. He is sure meerkats will be next, but gorillas would be pretty awesome too.

Leo was a special request for a friend's sister-in-law's baby. The friend I met at my most favorite place on earth. Since I have my own baby (currently sucking on toes [his not mine]) I have a little bit of a glimpse into their likes and dislikes. Leo has no buttons on him for obvious reasons, but I also tried to use lots of different textures with lots of tuggable parts. He also has 2 functioning denim pockets that can store teeny, tiny treasures. I hope he is well-loved!

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bozoette said...

I adore the stories that go with your creations. They always make me smile!