Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lydia with Stripey Shoes

Lydia is a people watcher. She likes to sit on city benches on high-traffic sidewalks for drinking her dark cocoa. She enjoys playing cupid and imagining different romances sparking between the busy, fancy people who wear high-heels and shiny, cuff-links. Every once in awhile she spots two people who she believes may be soul-mates then she'll firmly close her eyes and send them lovey-romance-vibes so that they'll make eye contact and then one will ask the other out for a cupcake.

Lydia's shoes are removable and carefully hand-stitched. I actually made her ages ago, but never blogged about her. I made a different fellow this week who is plump and wide-eyed, but he's not ready to be photographed yet.

I am a fan of people wearing animal attire. Not fur or leather, but actually dressing partly as an animal on non-Halloween days. I don't know why this is so attractive----maybe because I loved the idea of Never, Never Land and I know the Lost Boys looked like a bunch of animals. It's especially cute when little monkeys wear animal hats (see my little monkey below for proof!).
Pretty soon he will be wearing this and wherever we go we will hear a collective "Awwww!".


erin said...

First, Walter is the most beautiful baby! And that hat is adorbs. I cannot wait to see him in that shark hat!!

Second, I love Lydia and her shoes.

Susan said...

My Oh My, how do you get anything done with that cutie around. He is adorable. He will make the cutest shark ever.

I read Lydia's story and wanted to comment on her cuteness, but L'il Walter drove those thoughts right out of my head.

queen.meb said...

I love Lydia! Her fancy shoes are fabulous! And Walter has gotten so big! Oh my how time flies! I'm one of Joseph's old students from Herron last semester, I remember him showing us a picture of Walter all fresh and brand new, now, although it didn't seem possible, he is even cuter! The old 2D students all miss Joseph at school, but I'm glad to hear you all are doing well!