Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It took me a long time to finish Gramps here. He was just such a regular guy, which is wonderful in the real world, but in the softie world it seems strange to spend all sorts of time sewing ordinary people. I couldn't seem to take him from drab to fab. I know he really isn't fab, but he's not drab--which is an improvement. The flower on his hat certainly helps. I also am having an identity crisis with him. At first he seemed like the instructor for the Mathletes, but now with the hunting-plaid suspenders he has become more of a farmer's man. Now that he has a flower on his hat I don't even know, but I do know he is chivalrous, because you can't have a flower on your hat and be rude. That is against the laws of nature.

I decided to try photographing gramps on my bright yellow table. Bright yellow as of 2 days ago. Being home all the time has me being a little adventurous with our furniture. There is the bright yellow end table, and now Walter's high-chair is neon green. There is no telling what is next, but I am feeling a sad lack of pink in my life.

In non-softie relate news, today I take my first tai chi class! I am very excited about it---I am hoping it helps with my neck pain I still have from being a crazy, addict sewer. I think I will like it because:

A. I like the idea of being a zen master, and
B. If you switch the sounds around it becomes Chai Tea which is probably my most favorite hot beverage.


Erin Lee said...

I love Gramps! He has a beautiful beard.

A. You will be a great Zen master!!
B. I am thinking about trying to get into tea this winter
C. You definitely need more pink things, maybe a table cloth?

Susan said...

Gramps is a sweetie. Just wondering how your arm is these days? BTW, I confine my pink to the back bedroom, but believe me it's there.

Nichol Brinkman said...

Hey Susan! Good to hear from you! Your pink should come out from hiding!

My arm pain has morphed into neck pain. i think it's all connected to the initial arm pain---everything has transgressed from there. Ugh. I see an acupuncturist this Friday---this time I am going to give it a proper go.