Tuesday, August 31, 2010


There is nothing Gavin likes more than a hard-boiled egg and a bit of cheese. He'll eat this breakfast every morning, outside under the shade of his umbrella. He makes toast too, but only to give to the birds because he is a gentleman who knows the importance of sharing. After the birds eat their toast, they are full of gratitude and in return groom Gavin's mustache for him.

So far stay at home motherhood has been a dream. I am not deluded to think it will always be this way, but for now it is basically awesome. I hang out with Walt and sew when there is time. Usually during this time, Walter is in his jumperoo screaming. He is not in distress or anything, the boy just loves to scream.


Erin said...

Gavin is such a sweetheart! I love his hat, he looks very dapper.

So glad you are enjoying being a SAHM!!

bozoette said...

I'm so glad to see you again and that you and Joseph and Walter are doing so well! (And Gavin is very dapper, indeed!)