Saturday, May 16, 2009


Greg polishes the buttons of his suspenders every morning. He believes it is respectful of others to have good hygiene and to wear things that are shiny rather than dull. He's a good fellow though. He doesn't scrutinize others' appearances as he does his own. Greg once spent over an hour ensuring that his mustache curls were symmetrical. He keeps an emergency mustache repair kit in his carry-all which includes a small ruler, a pair of trimming scissors, some mustache wax and a bit of chocolate because everyone deserves a treat once in awhile.

Again, I had arm issues with Greg. I just couldn't bring myself to sew them---it took me forever to motivate myself, but now they are complete and on a whim I turned one of them upside down so that it looks like Greg is in a pose that suggests he is always saying "O'Lay!"

It's rainy where I am and it is making me want to lounge around in my pajamas all day. I am a little bit sad because my husband is gone for a week. It feels strange here without him, I feel slightly lost, but I have a good friend coming for a slumber party today and she will make everything okay. Wine will be drunk and lives will be caught up on and tomorrow I bet the sun will come out and if it does, I will celebrate with pancakes.