Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Mustache Man Start and Container Veggies

Things have been quiet in  my studio.  I got the urge today though to go back to the basics and make another mustache man.  He'll be wearing overalls (made out of the blue and white fabric pictured above).  I think the urge came while shopping today and spotting a man with a curly-que mustache, the really great kind of curly-que mustache in which the mustachee uses some sort of waxing product to get the curl to stay.  He was older too, with a gray mustache and I can't help but think how sweet it is that an older man puts so much effort into his facial hair.  It's just sort of nice.  Oh the little things.    

And pictured above is my container vegetable garden, which I am beaming about.  The terra cotta and red container both contain radishes and the green and white container is growing some cucumbers.  I have no idea how tall these plants are going to get, and I can't imagine the cucumber fellow being able to bear the weight of cucumbers, but I am so excited to see what happens.  I talk to them every morning and apologize for my container gardening naivete, and then I ask them if they need anything besides some water, and they politely don't request anything else, so hopefully they will live on and yield me some salad ingredients!  

Have a lovely week, and I'll update you when my mustache man is complete!


Susan said...

Isn't it wonderful where inspiration comes from? I just love this story. Good luck on the container garden, I am hesitant to even start one, so I'll be rooting (hee, hee) for you! Susan

Nichol Brinkman said...

Ha! I love a good pun!

Erin said...

lovely garden! My mom helped me start a mini herb/tomato/pepper garden. I am very excited about it too! We will have to have a party where we bring salad ingredients!

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.