Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Snow days are the happiest days in the world.  Bloomington looks as if some sugar-obsessed giant slathered us in vanilla icing.  Joseph and I took a walk today in the park and on our way there we saw at least 5 unprepared college students trying to shovel out their cars with lids from large tupperware containers.  As long as no one gets seriously injured, I love a good natural disaster.  It makes everyone a little friendlier and more excited.  Everyone smiled at us on our walk and we exchanged a sort of giggle at how silly and fun it is to have all this white stuff around.  Also, I have definitely been having baby fever lately (ever since the birth of my nephew) but this snow day multiplied that feeling by 10 because I think that toddlers in snow suits are the cutest thing ever.


Leeanna Butcher said...

Hooray for snow days!! These photos are great, makes me homesick for some winter snow... Enjoy your winter wonderland. :D A snow day seems to make everything cozier somehow, and hot chocolate tastes even better after a great walk in the snow. :)

Susan said...

Grrr, rain, rain, rain...I want some snow too! It looks like so much fun. What a hoot about the Tupperware lids, too funny! Take care and enjoy the snow! Susan