Monday, January 26, 2009

Plushie Love

Kitty PinkStars was happy as a lark and constantly dancing to the music the birds would chirp.  It wasn't until Kitty's waitress at a diner accidentally dropped 2 straws into her strawberry milkshake that Kitty realized that her heart would explode into teeny, tiny bits if she didn't find someone to share it with.  Without coincidence, at the exact moment Kitty PinkStars had this realization, a boy named Jacob, who was coloring in the woods discovered that the exact color he needed to fill in the drawing of cotton candy was missing from his crayon box.   Being a particularly devoted colorer, Jacob rushed off of his toadstool on the hunt for something pink to use as a coloring medium.  He ran through the streets desperately, when out of the corner of his eye, through a diner glass window, he spotted the precise color he needed---it was Kitty PinkStars aura.  He was mesmerized by it.  His feet moved him into the diner before his heart even knew what was happening, and when their eyes met, they found that their vocal chords didn't work.  So, Kitty PinkStars offered Jacob the rest of her milkshake via her spare straw and the rest is history.


Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Such a sweet story! Very perfect couple. I love the misty photo.

bozoette said...

What a lovely romance!

The Juzzard said...

I love your plushies! the detail is amazing and the designs are really sweet. The story was very sweet too of course.