Monday, November 3, 2008

Alex Project in Progress and Pottery Class

I heard from my friend whose family the Alex project is for that she was obsessively checking my blog to see the progress on the dolls, so I had to post the picture of this newest one before the sun set.  He is almost done, but I couldn't beat the sun today (no fair though--the sun had an hour head start today with "fall back").  Here you are, Tracey!  

And here is my pottery piece.  He was supposed to be a vase (I loved the idea of this mustache man with daisies blooming out of his head), but alas I am not an expert "wedger" and there is a small crack on the bottom of him so now he can't really hold water.  That is okay.  Instead of a vase he is now a whisk holder, which I like because the whisky part of the whisk looks like some sort of flying mechanism which is sort of hilarious to me.  I really enjoy my pottery class, but I have to say, I don't have the knack for it that I wished upon myself.  I am not the boss of the clay.  The glazing I like, because I have control over it while I am painting it, and yet everything changes once it goes into that magical, fiery cylinder (kiln), and the surprises are usually nice and welcome.  Also, I really like the people who chose to take adult education classes at the art center in Bloomington.  They are all so interesting and I find their conversations more entertaining then even This American Life on NPR which is my favorite.  

Speaking of America.

Tomorrow is the day.  



O B A M A.


Susan said...

Your vase if fab. Of Course, it would be. Hugs, Susan

Suse RevoluzZza said...

It's such a GREAT idea to make a vase the style your stuffed plush dolls are... I LOVE IT!
You made my day with this vase!

Thank you!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
oh i love seeing your dolls in process before they spring to life and your pottery is wonderful!
I love your mustache man!
you are so talented!

Art Cant Hurt said...

Love your clay work - and your pumpkin from another post. Your work is recognizable whatever the medium!!!
The Alex! Awesome!
So glad you're doing well!
Take care! xoxo

ArtMind said...

Love your vase! :) and the link to the wiki is cool too since I never know how to explain terms in English! :) Thanks! :)

meg said...

I meant to comment on this a while ago, but it's awesome! pillow monsters unite! form of...a vase!