Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fire Truck Completion

 I think this was my favorite Halloween ever.  Walter was so excited the entire day.  He trick-or-treated at a slight run while "woo-ing" like a fire siren.   He fell twice (less than I thought), and was more concerned about the candy falling out of his pumpkin than he was about the scrapes on his hands.  The fire truck, while being the cause of the falls, also kept his head from too much damage---thanks fire truck!   It is so funny to imagine what Walter is thinking.  I love how children just accept these bizarre curves from the routine with little questioning.  "Okay, today we talk to all of our neighbors and they give us chocolates.  We do all of this while wearing cardboard fire trucks and lamp parts with paper wings on our head."  

We also went to a costume contest at a Books-A-Million.  Book stores are frequent haunts for my family, so it seemed appropriate.  Walter was the only kid that showed up.  He won!  It was like the entire holiday was centered on him.  The staff still let him parade through the store to the different stations to "trick-or-treat" to the different employees.  Each employee secretly gave him their entire stash of candy (they had planned on a much bigger event).  They were all so sweet with him.  I also experienced a bit of motherly pride when Walter kept confusing how he was supposed to ask for candy.  
"What do you say?"

Answer:  Trick or Treat.

Walter's Answer:  "Please."


In Pink Cheeks news, I am working on another large order for a toy shop.  I have 60 Strong Man arms to sew, always an obstacle for me.  I suppose it is why I am blogging right now----good procrastination productivity.  

I am going to be unveiling a few new products this month that I am just itching to show you.

I hope your Halloween was lovely and your bellies don't hurt too much!

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Susan said...

What a sweet little fireman you have. Thumbs up as they say on FB.