Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And, for the non babies...

I am very excited to unveil some new products for my Etsy shop.  One of them, Franz is a runaway from my Strong Man Mobile.  I think Franz deserves to branch out from above the crib and make his way into kitchens and living rooms (or, maybe he can still stay in the nursery, but entertain the wee one from above the changing table?).  I've also been wanting to make some cloud friends for awhile, and I like them very much.  I especially like Mr. Mustache cloud in his party hat, ready for good times in the sky.  Last, I have a Mr. Mustache pillow.  I made these for my couch awhile back, and now I want them for your couch too.  These will all be in my Etsy shop momentarily.  Stay tuned because I am going to offer a few more new things before the month is up---just in time for the Holidays. 

Ready to be hung from the ceiling, these sweet clouds will take you to a happy place in your dreams.

Franz, super buff.  There will be three versions of Franz available, because no Strong Man has just one unitard!
"A little Chivalry for your couch"


kiosc said...

I love your work :)

fiddleheadart said...

Your work takes me to a wonderland. Joy to look at what you are creating.
many :))))))

Karen Wellman said...

Absolute congrats on the front page feature....a constant goal of mine!! I love your work and think your creatures are yummy and incredible! I'm your new fan...visit me at!