Friday, October 5, 2012

Fire Truck Progress and the Ark

It's been a bit quiet on the Pink Cheeks front this week.  It was nice to make something slowly, and really nice to spend time on something new.  

Walter got to paint his fire truck.  Right now it looks like a mail truck, but it is the under painting of a fire truck.  Note to self:  Good costume idea:  Postman going "postal" while driving a mail truck.  Walter loves painting.  His technique is a bit "Jackson Polluck" (he favors a messy splatter).  

Louisiana is one of the most overweight states in America.  I think I know why.  "Hey, Louisiana, make some sidewalks!"  We used to walk all over the place as Hoosiers, but it's hard to walk comfortably with a toddler when there are no sidewalks.  It's really maddening.  Also, with homes having to be on "stilts", and our home in particular not being constructed in a thoughtful way:  every time I walk across the house I feel like the Stay Puff marshmallow man.  Everything shakes and rattles.  I used to do workout videos, but I know if I tried that here then pictures would fall of the walls and Walter would surely wake up from his nap.   I'll feel much better once I join a gym, but I've grown a bit tired of gyms.  Maybe I'll take a line dancing class.  I've got to do something, and it's not going to be swearing off beignets!

I really am in love with this latest mobile (now available as a made to order item in my shop).
It's soft, sweet and gentle.

I usually love a loud splash of neon and bold patterns, but sometimes it feels very good to make something as quiet as a whisper.


kiosc said...

beatiful mobile :) greetings Kasia

kiosc said...
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Wendy said...

oh so lovely!

Devon said...

I just found your blog and etsy shop,,love your latest mobile,,very sweet..
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