Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Prep

Here are some sumos in progress.  I was glad someone ordered them, I love working on sumos.

I am determined this year to not let Halloween creep up on me.  Making costumes are among my favorite childhood memories, not to mention one of my main motivators for becoming a mother.  Not really.  Okay, yes completely.  I was surprised to learn, actually, that the time-frame that you, as a parent, have to decide what your child will be for Halloween is extremely limited.  Walter is 2 1/2 and I definitely wanted him to be a strong man, but I would feel too guilty making him dress up as something he doesn't find awesome.   Surprisingly, he is not as fond of nostalgic circus side show characters as I am.  So, we are going with fireman driving a fire truck.  He loves fire trucks.  He calls them "woos" about 50% of the time still (because that is the noise they make).  There is a kid song about a fire truck where you forcibly (but still at a kid friendly level) say "get out of the way" for the fire truck, and he loves to run around and demand we "get out of the way".  I think it is his clever way of getting away with being rude in protest to us always reminding him to say please and excuse me.  Anyway, I am going to paper mache and paint that truck, and then he is going to wear it like the little boy below (notice the pug-turned-dalmation [love it]).  I really want to all dress up as a family this year.  My original plan had me as a cat stuck in a tree and Joseph as a ladder (because inevitably, Walter will tire of walking and want to be carried).  But, Joseph thought it would be a little lame to be a ladder?!  So, we are all going to be in cardboard cars.  I think Joseph will be batman in the bat-mobile (opposite of being a ladder), and I will be a hippie in a VW bus.  I am also very tempted to have my dog, Albert, be in an Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile, but I don't know if he'd be as good of a sport as the pug below.  Watch out Halloween! 

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erin said...

I can't wait to see photos of the whole fam on Halloween! You are the coolest mom ever!