Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We All Scream

I have ice cream on the brain.  Joseph and Walter and I finally tried this local ice cream place called the zip and sip which boasts 32 soft serve flavors, including espresso and coffee!  What is the difference in taste, I wonder?  We are an indecisive family so we asked if we could mix flavors, thinking they would put half of each flavor in, like if you were to scoop it out, but instead they mixed the extracts (?) together to make one flavor.  I ended up eating maple-nut/german chocolate.  I also managed to forget that german chocolate involves coconut and that I don't like coconut.  It's a strange thing to forget, but I always do, or at least I have more than once.  It was a lot of flavor in a cone, but I ate it all because no matter what ice cream is awesome.  I like this latest guy.  I would like to hear him talk about his days of yonder. 

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