Monday, June 11, 2012

A strong man for you!  He's so strong. A few prints have been ordered and I am going to make listings of them in my Etsy shop this week!  I hope you like them very much, I am enjoying making them.

This past weekend my town (soon to be former town) had their annual 1000 clown parade.  It is in honor of Red Skelton's birthday, who was born in Vincennes.  They are big fans here.  I have never seen a video clip of him.  Steve Martin, who I love, was also a big fan, so I really need to buckle down and get to know Mr. Skelton.  

We sat across from a building that burnt down.  It was a strange experience to have all these colorful characters frolic past a giant pile of rubble while the hot, hot sun beat down on us.  Strange and delightful, which is the best kind of strange and a nice sort of delightful.  This clown was a walking pun.  He's a golfer and he's holding his "hole in one".  

Parades are pretty special.  This one has a lot of heart.  It is an explosion of celebration.  The streets get shut down for a march of color, laughter and candy.  I like it.

Another clown pun-----"ballet parking".  Pretty sweet.  

Oh Vincennes, Indiana.  I will miss you in a way.

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