Monday, May 14, 2012

Business Women's Special

I have been way business-y all last week.  I really want these mobiles to take off because I have so much fun making them and also because this summer is my last attempt at making Pink Cheeks a working business.  If I can't get it to work, then it's back to the daily grind and little man needs to head to day care.  It wouldn't be horrible.  Maybe it would even be okay or nice.  I know Walter would like hanging out with other kids, but it would be a pretty rocky transition for him.  But, I really like our sweet, unfeasible life right now.  Working from home, with little boo right here by me.  Being creative daily.  I quickly become koo-koo crazy beans when I can't work with my hands.   So, the point is, I am really going for it and reading all those "Turn your Craft into a Business" chapters that I skipped over before.  I am making a press kit!  Ooooooh!  And, I am working on making my mobiles more fancy and customizable:

Here is my Mustachioed customizable sheet.  I made it on Pages from iwork.  Do you use that?  I love it.  It flew into my life and saved me from the confusion of photoshop.  It is like a cool high-tech angel with converse sneakers on.  Pages makes me feel in control.  Thank you Pages!

I also designed several cards to be gifted to the wee ones that people buy the mobiles for.  Like little keepsakes for the baby book.  I think they are a good way of showing someone that the mobiles are handmade by one woman artist (and mom).
And, I also finished my mod girl mobile.  They are three mod girls in roller skates.  The listing for it is here.   They were originally going to be "go-go girls" until I did a quick google search for inspiration and discovered that "go-go girls" are just a super cute term for strippers.

Mother's Day was nice yesterday.  Joseph got me an iron skillet and made me dutch baby pancakes.  I can't believe I have been eating regular pancakes throughout my whole life when dutch babies exist.  It is really yummy.  The texture is like a cloud.  A cloud with maple syrup on it.  So delicious.  Then we all went to the zoo, my favorite thing to do.  The best part was seeing this monkey playing with a toy cow.  


Kitty Pinkstars said...

Your mobiles are JUST AMAZING!!!!!! You KNOW I'm a mega big fan having happily homed lots of your men here! But next on my list is a mobile.... FOR ME!! <3

Amber Brown said...

I've followed your page for a while now & I think your work is impeccable. I really hope that you can make this work for you as a true 'business'. I know I would like to take the plunge with my business....may be next year. Good luck. I'll be watching and crossing my fingers for you from a far.

Zephyr Art said...

Have you approached art galleries and upper end boutiques? Your work is amazing, perhaps too amazing for toys. People are funny about things. We make toys ourselves so we're not bashing them... we have just noticed people seem to have a price cap on what they will spend on toys as opposed to 'art' for their children. The best of luck to you! We'll share your work with our friends.

Miss J said...

Hi Nicol - I am so inspired by your work! I really hope everything works out for you. Have you heard of Schmancy toys here in Seattle? I think your work would fit right in.


Vivian said...

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kamban said...

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Kristen said...


I recently purchased your ninja mobile and I wanted to thank you again so much. It is more than I even anticipated and my husband loves it too!! I would love to see your business grow and continue on, you have such a creativity and talent, plus I continually find things on your etsy page I love. Wish you the best of luck, I already have friends loving the mobile and would not hesitate to pass along your business info.

Ps the extra touches of stickers, postcard pic etc were so great, I'm even framing the little postcard man pic for the nursery!

Many thanks again,

Thiruppathy Raja said...
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