Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tree Hugging Babies

My tree children mobile is complete!  I had fun making the toadstools.  My sketchbook is filling up with more and more ideas which feels nice.  I am too giddy about this project.

In other news, my family is officially moving to Louisiana.  My Joseph got a job at a University down there teaching painting and drawing.  Congratulations Joseph!  This means a few things:

1.  Walter is going to have a southern accent.
2.  Albert (our dog) is going to smell things he's never smelled before (alligators!)
3.  We have to start packing, packing, packing.

It's going to be very different.  Louisiana is really far down there.  I once took a zydeco dance class in the basement of a church,  so at least I'll know how to dance like a native. 


unsightly said...

!!! Congratulations to Joseph! When/where are you moving exactly? You'll get to live in The Boot!

Heather said...

Im loving all your mobiles. So darn cute!

Nichol Brinkman said...


What does that mean, I get to live in the boot? Is Louisiana shaped like a boot, like italy? We are going to live in a town called Thibodaux, an hour from New Orleans. It's a swampy place. Joseph is going to work at Nicholls State University! My University. The extra 'L' is for "Landed the job!".

Thank you!

erin said...

I am so proud of Joseph and am so excited for your move! However, I am a bit sad since you will be so far away from me! The silver lining is that I am VERY excited about Walter getting a cajun accent. Maybe his first job could be on a swamp boat.

unsightly said...

Hey Nichol- I sent you an email and it was returned saying your email was deactivated. Could you send me your new email address?