Monday, March 12, 2012

Workin' At the Studio Yeah! (Said To the Tune of Car Wash)

I have been busy, in factory mode, prepping for the Bloomington Handmade Market! 

The market takes place April 7th (mark your calendars).
 I am trying to meet the people's needs this year by making some dolls that are a bit more affordable, and baby-friendly (button-less).  Making things less expensive means resisting my urge to make hats, bow-ties and corsages for mustache men, and making them a bit smaller.  Their heads look so naked, and their necks (can you have a neck if you don't have a torso?) so bare.  But, it's okay guys!  (this is me giving the little men a pep talk).  "This is an economy that has to forgo accessories, so pump up the charm with your wit and charisma instead of your plaid newsie hat!" 

These guys are part of my new line called Swaddle Bear Baby Bundles.  They are smaller, squishier, softer, and without buttons.
 These guys give me baby fever a bit.  Being a new mother (two years ago!) was overwhelming, but I felt most at peace holding a tiny swaddled Walter while he slept.  It is the most peaceful and heart-softening experience in the world.  These little guys remind me of that time.  They would make nice gifts for newborns, or for parents who have empty nest syndrome!

I am also working on a special request for a friend.  She has cute friends that need cute things.

Do you spy new fabric up there?  Fabric designers are sure doing a good job these days.

Aerial shot!

I am a vegetarian, but I love this print so much.  Look at all that All American food up there.  I never crave it, really, but I do get nostalgic for it in a way.  It reminds me of carnivals and baseball games and green grass and lakes.