Sunday, March 18, 2012

Swaddle Bear/Bunny Babies

Get ready to get your snuggles on!  Here are some sleepy babies all swaddled up and ready for hugs.   I can only imagine the adorable coo sound they make when having sweet dreams.  In between sewing these guys, we have been eating a lot of frozen blueberries here.  We've also been petting goats and laughing at miniature donkeys at the zoo.  Not a lot of people have caught on to the amazing weather, so we've had the sunshine, zebras and tortoises mainly to ourselves.  I've been enjoying the less showy animals the most, lately.  The tortoises, especially.  I like to create their dialogue in my head.  I imagine them to be really complain-y, like the old men who meet in coffee shops before the sun comes up and grumble about politics.  I like those guys.

These Swaddle Babies are going to be under $40.  And, I am going to make some macho men in unitards next that will be priced around $45.  I love the Bloomington Handmade Market, and I want the colorful people of B-Town to be able to afford some presents for their babies and couches.