Monday, December 12, 2011


Ziggy can roar like a dinosaur. He is certain that his roars are louder and more fierce, but it can't be proven because there are no recordings of dinosaur roars. But, he is still certain based on a gut feeling, which his mother tells him always to trust. Ziggy loves his mom more than a T-Rex is super-huge. He loves her to the moon and back. When she asks him to roar like a dinosaur for her, he inhales really big, so his belly stretches out and then he opens his mouth and lets a ginormous "Roar!" rumble out. She gets the loudest roars because she is awesome.

Ziggy is headed to a friend (thanks Ellen) who is giving him to her nephew. He is made of soft, huggable fleece which is a fabric I haven't used in awhile. It sews like butter! Like buttah!

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