Friday, December 9, 2011


Herman believes in peace at all cost. When people speak with voices raised, he solemnly holds up his two fingers in a peace sign in the hopes that the arguing parties will notice and then lower their voices and hug. They usually don’t notice though. So, Herman now wears a ridiculous furry bear mask on his head in an effort to call attention to his peaceful ways. Now, not only do people take notice of him more, aggression has gone down drastically. He thinks it’s because people are too busy laughing at his outfit. That’s okay.

Herman is for a great customer of mine that lives in Canada. I have two super awesome Canadian customers. They are so great they make me want to tattoo a red maple leaf on my back and eat some Canadian bacon! And, I am vegetarian, so that is saying something. Truthfully, I am not sure what Canadian bacon is... Is it simply bacon made from Canadian pigs? That can't be right.

I have been thinking a lot about Pink Cheeks Studios. Market season was fun, but I do much better online, I think because people usually go to these markets to buy smaller gifts and my prices are usually higher than people want to spend on their nephews, no matter how special their nephews are. I can relate. I like to support the handmade movement, but I am at the economic level where I am supporting the soap makers, but only offering my compliments to the painters and jewelry makers. I put a lot of care and love into my dolls, and I don't want to change that---care-less, and then lower my prices to sell more. That seems like it would upset the stuffie muses. I still really enjoy Markets, even though this season was just so-so. It's great to be in the three-dimensional world and away from the screen and mouse clicking. I like seeing peoples eyes when they are excited about what I make. My favorite is when people run through an assortment of emotions in a matter of seconds:

Seconds 1-3 = bafflement
Seconds 4-5 = wonderment
Seconds 6-10 = amusement

It's a little disheartening when people simply get to the bafflement stage and then march on to find a hand knit scarf for their Auntie Bess, but that's okay too. Life has been strange, but I am glad I have the luxury to sell Pink Cheeks as a job. I am more comfortable walking around with a giant trunk full of stuffed stumpy mustached gentlemen and little deer ladies while wearing my holey sneakers than I would be carrying a briefcase while wearing pumps. It's so fun. This is quite a tangent that I have been on, and I did have a point when it started, but now it doesn't seem to relate to everything I just wrote. Is this what happens when you spend all day with a toddler? My point was going to be that I wanted to make more mobiles and have an entire mobile line. One that would involve more than 2 mobiles (like my pillow line [which involves only 2 pillows, both drastically reduced in price and in my Etsy shop ((I need to make room for my new mobile line!))]).

Also, I just finished book one of Game of Thrones! So. Much. Fun.

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