Thursday, May 26, 2011

Menacing Masked Bandits

I have been working on this masked bandit series. It was nice to make sweet dolls for sweet, sweet people, but it has been extremely fun to make some villainous weirdos. I imagine them as a team of bank robbers. It cracks me up to picture them trying to outrun the law with no legs and stubby, awkwardly-placed feet.

I'll be posting them in my Etsy shop as I write their stories out. Burt's is done. Here you go:

Burt is a part of a team of masked, menacing bandits. He considers himself the master mind and he never has a shortage of heist plans, most of which involve duct tape. He sticks out amongst his crew because his mask is fuzzy with bunny ears and a menacing unibrow. He made up a rouse about it having to do with his love of "carrots" (diamond carats), which is half-true because he deeply loves shiny diamonds and has fantasies of wearing large diamond rings on each of his fingers and toes. But, the real reason for the bunny mask is that it covers his delicate ears which get horribly uncomfortable in the chilly air-conditioned banks. He's sure the bank presidents keep the air set so low as a way to deter him from his robbing shenanigans.

He is available here.


Susan said...

Burt is adorable. I love your stories. Have you considered gathering them together for a self published book? That would be so much fun. On second thought, that would take a lot of time. I suppose since I don't have a baby or a job I think everyone has time on their hands to do something of this nature. Oh well, it's a thought. Take care and have a great week.

Nichol Brinkman said...

Susan, thanks so much for saying that! I would love to, I want to learn more about photography first. Babies do take up a lot of time though, so it probably won't happen until all my tots are in school. Thanks for writing!