Thursday, May 26, 2011


Chester is part of a team of masked bandits. He often gets scolded by his partners in crime for not taking their burglary pursuits very seriously. Chester can't help it. He just gets the giggles at the drop of a dime, and they frequently dropping dimes is a hazard of their occupation. When they march into a bank and demand that the tellers "stick 'em up!" Chester has to try very hard to contain himself. He gets the giggles just thinking about all those exposed arm pits just asking to be tickled! He will never be kicked off of his team of masked bandits, however. He asks very little from their loot. All he wants are nickles because those are his all time favorite slot machines to play.

I wanted to let you know that a lovely lady, Ryan, interviewed me on her lovely blog, the Blooming Thread. You can read it here!

Chester is in my Etsy shop!