Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Tommy is a good boy. He never pretends like a stick is a gun and he prefers brussel sprouts to Twizzlers. If he goes to the movies, he doesn't make a peep, not even during previews, which he thinks last way too long (though you won't catch him complaining). If there is a funny part happening in the film, he has to excuse himself to the restroom to have a little giggle so as not to disturb the film for others. Sometimes when he is back in the theater he will remember the funny part and have to excuse himself again! Tommy has a dog named Fred who is also a good boy. They are good friends and enjoy long walks in the spring time together.

Tommy's story sort of fizzled out at the end there, sorry about that! I am a little out of practice. Also, my brain has been fried since Walter figured out how to climb on the furniture. I was so proud of him at first, and then I realized that he still doesn't fully comprehend gravity yet. Though his story is a bit of a doozey, I really like Tommy. I wanted to make a baby-safe boy doll, so I designed something new and I just love his shape and over-sized shoes. I am listing him in my Etsy shop today! I will be slowly adding my new collection through out the month of March. I hope wherever you are that it is as sunny there as it is here! I love the sun for all the regular reasons, but it's also nice because the cats that live in the abandoned house across from mine come out. So, I get to catch up on all their gossip and shenanigans!

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