Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monster Fiona

This little gal was a special special request. I had so much fun. It is going out to the daughter of a woman who brought my Etsy shop out of hibernation and then sprinkled it with sweet powdered sugar in the form of utterly cute feedback. She could turn writing feedback into an art-form. She calls her daughter "monster" and her daughter calls her "queen". They sounds perfect for one another. I can imagine the fun they have. Queen mom wanted a little Fiona doll in an Monster outfit for little monster for Valentine's Day. Here she is:

When Fiona heard the grumbling under her bed she didn't respond like an ordinary child. She didn't scream for mom or pull the blankets over her head in fear. Instead, she listened extra close. She grabbed her night cup from her night-stand and put one end to her mattress and then listened out the other side, like in the movies. The grumbling was rumbly and hollow and she immediately knew what the problem was. There was a monster under her bed. And, it was terribly hungry. Fiona, being the soft-hearted, resourceful gal that she is, scurried off to the kitchen to remedy the problem. She got two slices of bread and all the condiments within reach. Then she layered them artfully on top of one another until she had a very colorful sandwich. Then, with her best penmanship, she wrote the "Fiona Special" on a doily and put them both on a nice china plate (the monster technically was a guest). When she delivered the sandwich and lay back on her bed, she heard many satisfying gulps and then a belch, which though rude in some cultures, meant gratitude in "monster". The monster was floored by the kindness and culinary abilities of such a child. In return, the monster, being a gifted seamstress, stitched up a warm monster coat for Fiona. The monster made sure to prominently stitch on a bright pink heart for the kind little girl. Back in the land of Monsters, they have adopted the "Fiona Special" as their national meal.

In other news, I am very excited! I was offered a chance to be part of a book about doll artists. It will be featuring my studio, me, my dolls and it will include 3 patterns, and 9 other doll makers (I don't know who). It comes out in May of next year, but the photos and work for it need to be done by the middle of next month, so I am going to put my Etsy shop back into voluntary hibernation while I build up my stock for pictures. This means that I also can't take on any special requests for awhile (but I will be finishing up ones I've already taken, of course). My friends form Tall and Small are going to take the photos for me! Until then, Walter and I need to make my studio more interesting, I think.


Leeanna Butcher said...

she's fantastic! :D

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful

Susan said...

Congrats on the upcoming book!