Monday, January 3, 2011

Walter's Curtains

I hope everyone had a nice ringing in of the New Year! My family was in bed by 10, but our partying was on New Year's Day in the form of banana nutella crepes for breakfast. I ate them slowly, with my eyes closed. If I can judge the rest of my 2011 based off of this breakfast, it will be something special.

I have been spending my time making our home more home-like. We rent, as I know is our destiny for several more years, but after receiving this book by Lotta Jansdotter for Christmas (thanks Joseph!), I wanted to go ahead and make our rented home feel like our handmade home.
I designed this curtain for little Walter Bean's room:

you can get a better view here. I used a regular Ikea curtain for the base and then used weird green fabric I bought from a remnant bin for the dinosaurs body, one of Walter's outgrown onesies for his attire, and some felt for his eyes and horns (? what are those things called? [I need to freshen up on my dino anatomy]). It was a hassle to applique on a giant curtain, but fun to lay it out and design it. It's like drawing a little bit. I am sure it will be much more fun on pillows. However, I love him hanging out in Walter's room. A friendly dinosaur burping a love heart. Generally dinosaurs freak me out. Jurassic Park blew my mind, and the dino skeletons at the Field museum in Chicago gave me tiny goose-bumps and had me quietly wondering for weeks. What were those giant monsters doing here? Regardless, they make nice characters on curtains for rowdy boys (or girls).


All About Us. said...

walters one lucky kid!

kathryn durst said...

this is adorable, love it!!! :)

MyrtleHernandez said...
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Run Lori Run said...

that is so freakin' cute!!