Monday, November 9, 2009

Giant Update from a Giant Girl






Giant because of my expanding belly (and other areas). I have been sewing towards my goal of 10 charming softies for the Bloomington Handmade Market. Which is maybe a low number, but I'm going to be easy on myself. My one and only other craft fair experience turned me into a one-woman sweat shop and I am choosing to never again revisit that version of me (she's a robot). So I took a few (glorious) personal days off of work and I have been drinking obscene amounts of tea, spoiling Albert with too many walks, being a hermit with Joseph, listening to the Talking Heads station on Pandora and sewing. It's been really great---a perfect four days. I sort of fantasize about my maternity leave being like these past four days, only with the addition of a giggily infant and the subtraction of sleep. I made a few different sort of shaped characters, one (which I haven't photographed yet) is charming my socks off and I look forward to sharing him with you. Thanks for sticking around and reading even though I could easily win laziest blogger of the year award. I have to go now, there is Chai to be drunk.


urban craft said...

I absolutely adore these! Good luck with the market and congrats with your little one.

Sweetpoly said...

I love them all =)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nicole!
oh they are fabulous! i am so glad you are having so much fun making them! good for you!

congratulations on your little one on the way! i am so excited for you!


Anonymous said...
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