Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oscar for Dawn

Oscar is a carpenter. He had a bit of a wild youth, hence the tattoos all over his body. Oscar specializes in tree forts because he is a really great climber. He doesn't believe in ladders, but he's super strong and agile, so there isn't really a need for them. Kids in the past have thought he was part man, part bear because of his scruffy beard and burly ways. One boy, Tommy, overheard him accidentally hammer his thumb instead of a nail. He screamed really high-pitched, like a kettle when the water is boiling, or like a girl-singer when she is reaching a really high-note. Tommy thought it was funny, but not as funny as his completed tree fort was cool.

He measures 10" by 10"

This story is a repeat---I haven't been able to write new stories lately.  I am not sure why, but I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe it is due to the free cable I acquired a couple months ago. Today, when I heard Joseph pull up I had to run and turn the TV off before he caught me watching a "Next American Top Model" marathon.  So, I need to get to the library and turn the boob tube off more.  

Oscar is for a lovely, lovely, lovely plush goddess named Dawn.  She is from Look What I Can Do and is the hands behind those lovely, large-eyed love-creatures that you can see nearly anywhere.  They were the first softies I saw that really started making me curious about sewing my own.  Also, Dawn has a special place in my heart because she did the most adorable Flickr set---documenting the vegetarian lunches that she makes for her kids---it's really fun, you can check it out here.

Thanks Dawn!


The Juzzard said...

Oscar is cool. I particularly like his measuring tape braces!

bozoette said...

I love those burly, tattooed guys!

lookwhaticando said...

OMG!!!!! I hadn't seen this yet. I have been MIA on the net...thanks so much Nichol....what a sweet post for you to do. Thanks and we Love love love Oscar....:)