Friday, February 13, 2009

Monsta Love

Awhile ago I had a very fun request from a very colorful girl to the north of me (Canada).  Her name is Miss Monsta and she has beautiful red hair, a nose piercing and tattoos.  She wanted a plushized version of herself and here is what it looked like.  So, a couple weeks ago she asked me to make one of her boyfriend and supplied me some photographs---the best one being this one (because of course he is in a glam rock band)!  This photo is more of what I based the "plushized him" off of, mainly because I wouldn't know where to even begin with that glam-rock hair.  But, I loved the zebra scarf-tie thingy, so I had to include that.  I pierced his ear with a paper-clip and a wire-bending tool and the whole experience made me nostalgic for my junior high rebel years when my friends and I thought we could pierce our ears with safety pins.  I didn't actually follow through with that, actually none of us did, but we were pretty hard core for even talking about it.

I start my full-time job in a couple of days *gasp*.  I'm mostly excited and a little nervous and definitely sure that I am going to miss my 1 hour naps with Albert (below) in the early afternoon.  

I plan on "Pink-Cheeking" it on the weekends.  Actually that phrase is less-endearing to me now that I found out there was a "gentlemen's" club in Santa Fe called Pink Cheeks.  Oh well.  Thanks for reading, happy Valentine's day and have a lovely, lovey-dovey weekend!


ArtMind said...

I think miss monsta and mr monsta look great together! :)

denise said...

OK....Loooove Albert!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
oh emmitt and i missed you while i was away!
happy belated valentine's day!
what is your new job? i am so excited for you!

bozoette said...

The earring makes the outfit!