Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ever since he was a little tot, Herbert was attracted to cars.  Whenever his parents couldn't find him in the house, they always ended up finding him underneath the car in the garage looking at all the oily whirly-gigs.   As an adult, Herbert is pretty sure that he is related in some way to Click and Clack (the car-talk brothers on NPR), maybe a long lost cousin-twice-removed or something.  Herbert knows the answers to all the questions people call in to ask Click and Clack.  Sometimes he answers them out loud and pretends to be a part of Click and Clack's dialogue.  One day he will write a letter requesting to be a co-host on the show---his name could be Clonk---and it will be great.

I found that car fabric on Etsy.  It's from Japan--isn't it great? Through out my life I have had extremely bad luck with cars.  I know some people exaggerate when they say things like that, but some of the things that have happened to my cars are so weird and unlucky and strange that they seem unbelievable.  One of my favorite stories is about how some sort of animal ate up through my car engine and actually built some sort of nest there.  I had let someone borrow my car before I found it like this, and I was so furious at first, I thought they had played some bizarre joke on me, but no, an animal actually just made my car's engine their home.  I don't even eat meat, but this animal ate my car---it seemed so wrong to me---and against some sort of karmic law.  

Herbert is here available in my shop!


Leeanna Butcher said...

Herbert's long skinny arms are so fun! Great for tinkering around in the guts of a car... :) The fabric choices are great Nichol, just love that japanese fabric. :D

Kitty Vane said...

I really like Herbert, his mustache is dashing.

I think you just have bad carma. :D
I've had both amazingly good and awfully bad luck with cars. My ex-car, may it rust in peace, was broken into three times, stolen once and was involved in three accidents. Yet it always got me where I was going, even if the breaks did fail one winter, the engine's cooling system broke down one summer and the oil cap went missing causing all the oil to spill all over the engine and the front of the car. The only time I didn't get anywhere was when the doors were frozen shut during a record cold winter.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
i just love herbert. the fabrics you chose are fabulous! his story is perfect!

bozoette said...

I'm quite sure he's related to Click and Clack!