Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soooo Lovely

I had a very nice Sunday----warm, started with Huevos Rancheros, and involved listening to the Talking Heads with the windows down in the car.  Joseph and I went into a book store while we were waiting for the free book store (library) to open and I found the most amazing book.  It's by Chris Sickles and the illustrations are photographs of these elaborate set-ups he designs that involve found-objects, puppetry and paintings and all sorts of other whatnot.  I loved it so much, I looked at it for a very long time----how I felt when I was looking at it reminded me of how I felt when I watched Triplets of Bellville for the first time on the big screen, it's hard to describe the feeling, but it's a hodge-podge of happy, excited, nostalgic and slightly artistically frustrated because I want to make great things too.    Anyway, then I looked him up online and discovered that he has a blog (!) AND he lives in Indianapolis (I live in a town just an hour south from there).  See, there IS more than corn in Indiana!  


Puglette said...

We love the Talking Heads in the car. We usually blast the Greatest Hits cd's on our road trips. Great travel music.

Erin said...

Wow- I looked at his artwork too- Amazing! I love it! I feel like making my own tiny 3D glasses now!

suze said...

Hey! You changed your name. At first I thought someone was copying you...but it's you. i like the new name Pink Cheeks it's very fitting.

ArtMind said...

What a great artist he is, Nicole!
Oh and I LOVED the triplets of Belleville. We actually drove through Belleville on our holiday! :)

Maria madeira | António rodrigues said...

I like your new blog and the name...and of course Talking Heads!