Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Professor Giraffe (update)

I wanted to quickly post this giraffe.  He is for an english professor at Indiana University.  The woman who requested him found me through Boing Boing which is where I was featured awhile ago because the judge that chose Frank Porter for the Handmade Kids challenge created Boing Boing.  So of course I have not written his story yet because of intimidation reasons (what if I misplace a comma!).   I am off now to Pottery Class with my Peanut Gallery friend erin, whose ceramic octopus bowl that she is making I am secretly jealous of. 

***  I finished his story, here it goes!
Professor Girard Gustav III grew up with a love of grammar.  Throughout most of Girard's life, he considered himself a romantic.  In middle-school he would write haikus to the girls he fancied on the lined paper of his notebooks and then he would slip them into their lockers.  He even enjoyed the art of origami-note folding because of how exact it was, and how it reminded him of the rules of grammar.  When the ladies he fancied would correspond back to him, Girard would find it hard to resist taking out a red pen and correcting their message.  One note that he received actually gave him an upset stomach due to the extreme overuse of the exclamation mark!  But, Girard was chivalrous and not rude, like his grandmother taught him.  Instead, he took out his frustration in grammatically correct journal form.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
i just love him! his suit is perfect!
have fun at class tonight!
:) melissa

Friederike! and Sandra said...

he´s amazing :o)