Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pugsly for Melissa

Pugsly is a wee bit short, and a wee bit stubby and his nose is slightly squished, but his personality is made out of pure gold.  Pugsly is one of those good fellows in life who cares very strongly about whatever it is you are talking about.  He finds many subjects to be of great interest but his very favorite subjects are human interest stories.  People just tell Pugsly things, from their deepest, darkest secrets, to the way they take their tea, and Pugsly finds it all fascinating.  His mother told him that his ability to listen well is his special gift to the world, which he prefers to his father's suggestion that he is just nosy.

Pugsly is for one of my favorites:  Melissa of Pugnotes who always brightens my day and fills me with warm-fuzzies because of all the nice comments she leaves.  Pugs are such wonderful, strange little creatures, I can't ever look at one without smiling.  It's almost as if their sole reason for existence is to put people in a good mood.  When I lived in Memphis, there was a used bookstore called Bonnies, and Bonnie was this sassy black pug who pranced around the aisles and made snorty noises at you if you weren't giving her attention.  The owner was fun too because she wore roller skates while she worked.  Sigh, I miss Memphis.


Puglette said...

Oh My!! Can I have a pugsley too!?!? He is sooo cute. I love Melissa as well, she does leave the nicest comments. Her shop and blog are just full of inspiration.

Actually, I would really love to discuss a Puglette with you.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nichol!
OMG! I just LOVE pugsly and his story! he is soooooo perfect!
i love his clothes - everything about him and i cannot wait for him to come live with clarence and emmitt!
you totally get the pug spirit!
i am so excited i do not think i can sleep! yayayayay!

bozoette said...

I like his polka dots!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Pugsly's shirt is great! So much fun! :D

Crafty Red Fox said...

Well Done with the facial sculpting!

mimi k said...

I love Pugsley! Great name and wonderful use of buttons!