Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Grand Opening and Grand Closing Sale

In an effort to get a fresh start with my Pink Cheeks Etsy store, I am going to transfer my Pillow Monsters over there and offer my blog readers a 20% discount.  So, when you purchase one, let me know you are a blog reader by adding a note to your order that says "Viva La Pink Cheeks!" and I will refund your money to you via paypal.  I'll do an official sales time---let's say Friday, October 10th at 4:00 eastern time, that's when the Pillow Monsters will start popping up here with Frederick. 

In other news---I am going to be working on 3 special requests next----the first one has me so excited that my face hurts a little from the smiling.  Kitty Pink Stars has asked me to do a Plushized version of herself "Victor-sized". Victor is shown above.  If you don't know Kitty Pink Stars, you need to go over to her Flickr and let your universe be altered.  She is amazing!  She makes these whimsical knitted  sock creatures and lives this very pink life.  She reminds me of a character from the board game Candy Land, but I am not sure which one, one of the sweeter more delightful ones, that is for sure.  Not even the grumpiest old man could help but smile when browsing her photos.  I'm very excited about this request and I just bought some pink polka dotted fabric and will begin tomorrow----hurray!


mimi k said...

It is all looking great! Now I have to go change my feeds :-)

KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...

Yay thanks for the LOVE!!! You are one cooool lady! I can't wait for my plushie ME!!!

Toktokada said...

Love your work. Welcome to Pink Cheeks !!!