Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cheeky at Home: My Weekly Post About Working From Home

I've been trying to "reduce" lately.  That's what my husband calls it, and also I heard Betty Draper say it on Mad Men once.  It's one of the more boring topics to discuss.  I am tracking what I eat and adding up points (I like that they are called points because it gets my adrenaline going----competitive spirit, sort of).  A nice thing though, about reducing and being diligent about consuming, is just how luxurious the simple treats are.  Fancy, fabulous treats aren't worth it right now because of the sadness associated with losing soooo many points.  But, hot cocoa packets in coffee?  Wow.  I found a packet in Walter's treat bucket (a place we store the numerous treats Walter brings home from school.  The fact that it's a bucket makes him sound like a horse, but it's just one of those beach buckets).  I poured it in my afternoon coffee (only 3 points!) and magic happened!  Rainbow marshmallows!  What a delight.  I floated from that moment for the rest of the day.