Friday, January 16, 2015

Cheeky at Home -- My Weekly Post About Working From Home

     I finished this animal friends mobile this afternoon.  It goes to a baby who was born in December.  I always feel a little frantic when I make the mobiles after the babies are born.  They are supposed to be awaiting their arrival above the crib and getting settled for a week or so.  My fear of rejection is strong if I am transferring that onto my little mobile dopplegangers.  I imagine the baby thinking, "Get out of here, you!", and "I preferred the ceiling tiles, thank you!".   But, that's ridiculous, of course the baby will be glad when they arrive.  Err.  This weekly post is getting off to sort of a weird start.  This is going to be where I document what it's like to work from home.  I want that to heavily involve the "Mom Factor" (is that a reality TV show, it sounds like it could be).  But, I am going to let it evolve and change if it needs to, as well.  We'll see where it goes.  Come along with me.

   My son keeps his chalkboard easel in my studio.  Believe it or not, that is my chicken scratch penmanship up there, not his.  We are in the middle of planning his birthday party.   It's a new thing for me:  Throwing birthday parties.  I've been to a few with him, taking notes.  He's mostly invited to ones at museums and other established places that offer party packages.  It's nice, yes, to have equipment on the ready to play with, and a staff there to add comfort to the chaos.  But, man, they cost a pretty penny.  And, we need all our pennies, even the ugly ones.  Plus, I love the home party and the cake that gets presented in the pan it's baked in.  So, we are going for it.  Walter loves Star Wars.  I am not sure how.  He's never seen the movies, though Joseph thinks (deep breath) it's time.   We talked about the theme at dinner last night, and he was a flurry of activity afterwards.  He had a million ideas, and before bed, he had me jot some things down on the chalkboard.  The first two are pretty obvious, and quite general, but the third is pretty specific:  "Dress sister like Yoda".  I've visited Pinterest for ideas, but I think I will ban it for the rest of our party planning adventure, so that we can make it our own.

   Also, a few days ago, I mentioned one of my goals was making all my photos the same size on the blog.  I actually researched how to do that, and implemented what I learned, which had to do with copying and pasting a few words in some very mysterious location on my blog.  Nothing happened yet.  I think what I did was enter in "code".  Very odd, that code.  If it's not making all my pictures the same size, I wonder if it's doing something else?  Mysterious.


niki said...

We started star wars when our son was between four and five years old. I thought it was too soon, but he and my husband love all the movies. He still watches Ruff Ruffman and is terrified of the Muppets,so I am not sure there is any sense to it.

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