Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Magic Mobile

Aren't they fantastic!  This goes to a soon-to-be family of 4 (if you count the dog, which I always do) in Spain.  Her father used to be a magician, and his dog was his assistant, so this is like an homage to him.  The mom was really fun to work with.  This is a strange question, but do you ever find yourself liking "broken English" better than regular English?  I do.  I like Google translate versions of what people say as well as when kind people from other countries write me in English.  Something sounds poetic when it is all chopped up.  Deep thoughts.

I have been working really hard on a 2-D line that I will be introducing to my Etsy shop soon.  I'm a little half way through my pregnancy with either Ruth or Alice (I can't pick between those two yet), so I am planning a maternity leave of sorts.  I can't imagine being able to keep up the sewing at my current pace, which is why I am really delving into this new line.  I imagine myself working on a series of 10 of these flat things at a time while Ruthie (or Alice?) and I get to know one another.  I think it will be quite nice to have something more immediate than sewing to do.  I keep finding 4 leaf clovers (today I found two!) and I am hoping that it is a secret message that this new direction will work out okay.

Till next time! 

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Erin said...

Amazing mobile! Love her sparkly skirt! Also, I am so excited for your new line! The 2D is just so awesome and I am excited to see what kind of inspiration Ruth/Alice will bring you!