Friday, April 26, 2013

Ma and Pop Paintings

I designed these and my husband painted them.  It is a true Ma and Pop collaboration.
I kind of love them.  They seem like the perfect mix of us.  We've never done anything like this before, except for when we got married I made him do all sorts of collaborative crafts (crafty bridezilla! [our party favors were comic books we made]).

We'll be making these throughout the summer.  The surface is super rich and the colors are smart and muted and cool and calm.  I am really proud of them!  Show them some love!

This blondie boy reminds me of Walter, who lately keeps saying, "What the heck?" and looking around confused.  He says it completely out of context and quite a bit, as if he is testing the phrase out in his mouth.  I think maybe he said it once at day care and cracked everyone up and now keeps trying to relive the moment?  He also calls our new puppy Lucy "Ucy".  It's really stinkin' cute. 

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