Monday, April 8, 2013

A Caribbean Family

 This beautiful family lives in the Caribbean.  I always forget that people actually live their lives on island paradises.  Can you ever be stressed out if you live in the Caribbean?  I doubt it.  I imagine waterfalls and big cocktails with slices of fruit in them being an every day occurrence.

The mom for this mobile was really fun.  She is a wedding planner and he is a wedding officiate (is that a Jennifer Lopez movie?), so she wanted their plushie selves dressed that way----so fun.

I like how the little girls turned out in this one.  It would be something to try to make a life-size unicorn suit.   The unicorn is making a fierce comeback, no?  I think I love that.  Unicorns just seem like a protest to adulthood.  I am pro-unicorn.