Friday, February 1, 2013

For Wee Little Sylvie

This mobile was really fun for me.  The mom shared pictures of Sylvie's nursery: a colorful, eclectic, vintage abode that was full of warmth and texture.  It was nice to try to match its style.  Little Sylvie is wearing pink moccasins.  She also has these little flower thingies on her shirt that I made by ironing Wonder Under on lace and then backing it to fabric and then cutting out circles.  If there was a crafting version of Macgyver, he would probably have Wonder Under in his pocket instead of duct tape.  Wonder Under allows for many possibilities.  I suppose though, Macgyver would also have to carry around an iron, which might not be as convenient as I thought.  

Don't you love big brother's curls?  So cute.  Walter's hair is curly too, especially in this southern humidity.  He likes to carry around sticks and arrows so I gave him little Cupid's love arrows.  Dad is a dentist, so naturally an appliqued tooth on a white coat seemed appropriate.  I had the most fun though designing Mom's outfit.  She loves Anthropolgie, so I tried to make it Anthropologie-esque,

I love Anthropologie too.  I am over the moon for their displays and store decor.  Over Christmas break as my family was driving our 12 hours back home from family's house we stopped in Jackson, MS for some food at a fancy outdoor mall close to the highway.  There was an Anthropologie there and Joseph watched Walter while I wandered through all by myself.  It was like a little, beautiful oasis right in the middle of road-trip-with-a-toddler-and-a-nervous-whiny-dog-H-E-Double-Hockeysticks.  My favorite part was these little winter city scenes made out of different cardboard containers.  They had been painted with black chalkboard paint and then drawn on to look like buildings.  They were so whimsical.  It made the rest of the car ride home so dreamy.

Anyway, this has been a favorite of my personalized mobiles so far, and I hope little Sylvie loves it!

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