Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year and a Hampton Mobile

Happy 2013!  It's wild to say that.  I have been alive long enough to think Prince's "We're Gunna Party Like It's 1999" sounded really far off, and now being in the 2000's is old news.  Where are the hover cars?  Actually, I am over hover cars, just give me a car that runs on garbage for fuel and I'll be more than happy. 

The latter half of 2012 was great for me.  It marked my first real attempt at turning Pink Cheeks into a sustainable business and it worked, through the help of all of my supporters, including you!  Yes you there, reading this blog.  Thank you.  It's hard work, but it's my work, and I am using my hands and creativity to contribute to my family and that makes me proud and happy and very excited.  Thank you.

My last mobile I made in 2012 is very special to me.

I got an email from the most beautiful woman on the planet, asking me if I would make a mobile for her soon-to-be son's nursery.  She gave me a link to her blog to get to know her and had me start reading here, about the birth story of her second daughter, Nella, who was born with Down Syndrome.  About half way through, tears were streaming down my face and I was actually saying out loud, "Yes!  I'll make a mobile for you!"  Her writing is so honest and beautiful and raw.  Please read it for yourselves.  I get down on my knees and beg you. 

Kelle has a large family, so I used a massive hoop so as not to crowd anyone.  She wanted everyone included, even the little bean growing in her belly of course.  There he is above.  A tiny swaddled baby with a little pom-pom hat on.  Making that tiny thing gave me baby fever.  Walter is enormous now, literally he is in the very top percentile for his age group in height and weight.  In his day care he had to be put with the older group because he was towering over the other children his age.  I will love Walter at all of his ages, I know this, but my heart will always yearn for that tiny, swaddled infant.

 There is little Nella above.  I put her in the moccasins that she is wearing in nearly all of the photographs I looked at on Kelle's blog.  She is so stylish.  I keep researching moccasins for myself now.  I am a horribly frugal person (George Costanza style, though I am never stingy with tips!), but she looks so free-spirited in all her photos, and I want some of that energy.  Maybe wearing moccasins and being reminded of her will help.  I think it will.  Watch out 2013, I'll be wearing moccasins in you!  Thanks Nella for the inspiration!

Lainey, Kelle's first daughter is there in red and white (I used the picture above for inspiration).  She was fun to make because she is usually wearing big colorful rain boots which for some reason remind me of what a young super hero would wear, I am not sure the connection makes perfect sense, but that is where my brain goes.  She looks wise and contemplative and fun, and I think I captured real Lainey in plushie Lainey.  I hope so, at least. 

Here is the rest of the Hamptons, a beautiful family.  I tried to make this mobile full of details, because that's where the love is shown.  I hope they adore it, especially that lucky little bean still cookin' in the oven.  

ps Did you read the link yet to the birthing story?  Want to read more?  Good news for you!  She has a memoir out.


2 cents said...

What a moving story. Thank you

Hannah said...

Found you from Kelly's blog! This is so awesome- love this mobile! Be prepared for your etsy site to blow up- shes like Oprah! Your work is awesome! I also have a little guy named Walter :) It's a great name!

Sharmaine said...

also found you through kelle! LOVE YOUR WORK! the details into the hampton mobile is so exquisite! :) i really must save up some money for next babies! luckily, it wont be for several more years, hopefully you'll still be in business then!

Drew Watts said...

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