Friday, August 17, 2012

Snuggies, Embroideries and Doggies

I have several new Snuggy Baby Swaddle Bears in the shop now.  They mark the end of my order from the Norman and Jules Toy Shop opening this fall in Brooklyn. Now I just need to make little tags for everything and send them off to play with all the other toys in the toy shop.  I am pretty proud that I finished everything in time while also packing up an entire house and moving all its contents to a new house on the very bottom of the USA.  If I were to receive some type of trophy for this I think I would first like to thank Bob the Builder, for entertaining my son so that I could sew.  Also, highlighters, because he really likes drawing and coloring with those and they keep his mind engaged for hours.  Now that the order is complete, I look forward to having a more fluid schedule and taking Walter out to explore our new town more.  Joseph starts teaching this week, so it will be just me and the little bean most of the day, and in the manner of Tim Gunn, we have to make it work.  Speaking of Tim Gunn, hubs and I are getting ready to watch the 4th episode as soon as I am done typing this!  I am enjoying it so far, but I was sad to see Afro go home (I can't ever remember anyone's name until 3/4s of the way through the season.  But, by "Afro", I am referring to the crazy designer who has an afro).  I like that I can't tell who will obviously make it to fashion week.  Each designer seems talented in a specific and unique way. 

I wanted to share a few finds from the Internet with you.  First, look at these beautiful images!  Embroidery on old photographs.  I think they are so provocative and stunning.  They look like they are partaking in some bizarre afterlife full of secret ritual.  I keep re-looking them up just so that I can stare at them.  They are done by Stacey Page.  I discovered them through the Jealous Curator's blog, who makes me feel more in touch with the art world, plus her blog title is great.

And then, these! Soft sculptures of different dog breeds using innovative fibers.  Your face will hurt from smiling after you look at these.  They are by kusjkjkjk and you can find her on Etsy.

I'll have a few custom things to share with you next week.  I am very excited about everything I am working on.

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