Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sewing Up Mod Girls and Eating Beignets

I wish the photograph above could be a new Olympic event.  It could be called, the "Wearing neon while lifting weights and balancing on colorful striped hoops" event.  These guys would win.

I have been busy sewing.  A lot of what I have been doing has been finishing my toy shop order and doing custom mobiles.  This one above is a nice break.  Someone wanted a blonde girl in a print.  I love vague requests because I can fill in the blanks.  She's going to be rollerskating and maybe delivering hot dogs.

 We went to New Orleans.  I love it.  Love.  It.  It's vibrant and colorful and gritty and strange.  We went to the French District to see the street performers.  This guy is sitting still and painted solid gold with feathery wings in 1,000,000,000 degree heat.  He is amazing.  

All of Jackson Square smelled like these beignets.  I finally was able to eat one.  I didn't get to do it at the romantically historic Cafe DuMonde because the line was too much for a toddler to bare.  We ate them in a mall outside of New Orleans and it still felt romantic.  The dough has this delicate texture and it vanishes in your mouth like a sweet dream.  The powdered sugar gets all over your clothes and makes you want to lick them when you get home, just to re-live the experience!

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Susan said...

I'm glad you are settled in and ready to put your personality into your new home. Remember that you can always paint a bedsheet and tack it up without leaving any damage to speak of. (plus when you're tired of it, you could sell it to another person in the same boat) I just caught up on your previous posts and had to laugh about the windshield wiper thing. It's muggy here in the mountain areas of Virginia and we have to do the same thing. Had to do it last week actually. Combine that with triple digit temps and we have had an interesting summer. As for the python..."oh no Baby, I'm not gonna have no snake under my house" We have an occasional small snake come up from the woods, but a big snake would be disconcerting, to be sure. Well, anyway congrats on the move and enjoy the South and all that it brings with it. You'll love it.