Monday, June 4, 2012

Quiet Little Collages

I am really having a nice time with these collages.  They whisper to me and ask me to play with them when I should be packing up my house for our cross country move in a little over a month (can you hear my heart palpitations?).  I like to suggest the tiniest, most quiet narrative with these little friends.  I like how in photoshop things can move so quickly.  Did you notice that the melancholy polar bear is actually little bear boy's bff?  I just shrank him down and whisked him into the bear boy's world.  I think it's good, his facial expression suggests that he needs a friend.

We just started watching season 4 of True Blood over here (while the kid's asleep, of course).  I always have to skip the opening credits because it grosses me out.  But, I really love the show.  It is the campiest, trashiest, vampiest thing ever, and I am surprised that I like it so much.  But, it is just tons of fun.  It takes place in Louisiana, which is where we are moving to, so it's nice to try to imagine if the town of Sookie Stackhouse is going to be much like our new town.  I guess it's not too nice since a lot of the town is pretty frightening and most of the people do things that I wouldn't want my neighbors to be doing, but the scenery looks lovely.  This season is especially fun because someone I was friends with in high school is in the cast.  It sort of takes me out of the plot a bit when she is on the screen.  I have to stop myself from exclaiming, "Hey!  Put your cloths back on and get to Geometry class!".  Not really. 

Anyway, I will be ready to offer these prints in my Etsy shop next week!  I have been testing out different printing options and I have settled on one that I find really lovely.  They are not going to be giclee prints, as I originally wanted.  I am not sure why I was set on selling "giclees", maybe because the word is so delightful to say, but these fabric collages are more like photographs than illustrations, so they look much nicer as lustre photo inkjet prints.  They are still going to be archival and also the paper has a nice feel to it. 

Have a wonderful Monday.

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