Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Walter Turns Two

My monkey turned two!  I made him this tent out of leftover fabric of mine.  It's a crazy mess, but he loves it, though it only took him a couple of hours before he realized the bamboo poles may be better weapons than tent-holder-uppers.  I found the pattern for the tent in the wonderful book Growing Up Sew Liberated.  I did change it to make it more colorful and wild, like my child, but the plain canvas one in the book is lovely too.


Cake!  Walter's a fan.

Frosting is delicious.  Just a simple fact that you probably knew already.

I wanted him to wake up to a bit of magic and wonder so I cut some sticky vinyl up and stuck it to the window.  All monsters are "Rawrs" to him.  Rawr!

I have a two year old!  How did this happen?

Walter plays cars on the window ledge here, so Joseph and I also gave him a dramatic background scene with sticky vinyl.  Can you tell we are reading Game of Thrones?

Rainbow cake!  Every bite is a tie-dyed adventure! 

Happy Birthday, Little Man.
Next up I get to work on a wedding present requested by someone who keeps a beautiful food and gardening blog, and who rocks my socks off.

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