Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jessi Halliday Messalic from Simpli Jessi

Jessi is from Michigan and received her BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. She works as a designer in an architecture firm, but "needed a part time muse" so she started making dolls under "Simpli Jessi".

I think Jessi's dolls are so sweet and represent a softer, more gentle world.

The expressions on their faces are fantastic.  To me it looks like they are great listeners and always amazed and astounded at what everyone is telling them.  It looks like they want to know more, like they are saying "ohhhhhh?!".

Here is a group she did for a show called Stitch Wars,

Works in progress.  The bodies of her dolls are made from linen, which gives them a soft, down to earth feel.

Her dolls are entirely handmade. Natural linens, organic cotton stuffing, felt, yarn and recycled fabrics are used in every doll - making each one unique and special. She is inspired from my childhood, from traveling, from meeting different people and from collecting their stories.
This girls hair is great.

Thank you Jessi for making beautiful things!
Jessi's blog is here and her Etsy shop is here.

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