Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jess Quinn of Small Art

I am a big fan of Jess Quinn. 

Love 2 by Quinn 68
This is the first image I ever saw of Jess Quinn's.  She didn't have a big internet presence at the time, but now she posts her work regularly and I am never let down.

Jess has a degree in painting.  She makes her living off of her dolls and also does model making for a stop frame animation studio in Bristol.  She never seems to have a shortage of ideas, and she makes many, many beautiful things, each surprising.  It's as if she has an entire alternate universe stored away in her head!  I just think she is incredible.
She makes many types of dolls, some textile, some wood, some clay.
An elephant looking surprised, maybe because he woke up wearing a sweater.
A studio shot.  So colorful.

She uses which ever medium seems right for a particular character, Here is a quote of hers from her Etsy biography: Everything is made by myself and I love each process and material to be openly expressed, each stitch or paint stroke is visible a trace of my working hand. I love colour and have collected a fair amount of vintage fabric over the years, these are added into a lot of my work, a hint of nostalgia added to something new.

She is fearless with her materials.
Thank you Jess for what you bring into the world!

Her Etsy shop is here and her blog is here.